Set your best friend up with the ultimate doggie vacation. We offer an assortment of packages aiming to both exercise and pamper your pet. 

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Vacation Packages

*prices are based on weight: small (-30lbs) medium/large (30+)

Wild and Free: Includes a private open-air room, the necessities, and daily free play $25/$35 (discount for extended stay)

Pampered Pooch: Give your petite pooch the best of both worlds in our indoor/outdoor facility!  They will enjoy the comfort of their air conditioned or heated private and cozy indoor room while still having access to a private outdoor space. (-20lbs)

Packing Heat: have an unaltered pal? We love them just the way they are! $40/$50 *for your in-season lady call for pricing

Fun and Fit: For the active pup we offer daily nature trail walks on our private 20 acres, play if fetch/frisbee/etc. in our large sand bottom arena, or a dip in our custom pup pools! *add $5/day

In the Know: We offer training on all the foundation commands including sit, stay, no bark, and proper leash etiquette.  Contact us for pricing.

Happy Camper: If your pal has special dietary needs or any medications to be administered we will be happy to take care of that too! $5/day