At Yellow Brick Road Dog Resort we pride ourselves on providing joyful experiences for dogs of all shapes and sizes. In order to succeed in this mission we have to enforce a few rules...and here they are.

1. "The first rule of YBR Dog Resort is you ALWAYS talk about YBR dog resort!"

2. We reserve the right to judge your dog's ability to socialize with other dogs. We require, and greatly appreciate, your honesty in regards to your dog's temprament. If you have a friendly, social pooch, great!! He or she will make new friends while running, digging, fetching, and even swimming. If your dog is a lone wolf then you are in luck. We offer a separate, private area for your maverick to enjoy all the splendors of doghood without the temptations of engaging in a scuffle.

3. Must be on current flea treatment or we can provide treatment for $15

4. Sanitation and safety are of upmost importance. Current shots records are required for all dogs. 

  • Rabies
  • Distemper
  • Parvo
  • Adrenovirus
  • Parainfluencza

5. If your dog becomes ill or is injured we will contact you immediately to discuss all possible treatment options. If you are unavailable and your dog requires veterinarian, we will transfer care to Dr. Katzer and partners at Jamul Veterinary Hospital. 

6. Have fun!!